Welcome to the New Year!

So, we find ourselves welcoming 2020! It’s another new year filled with opportunities to renew, restore and refresh for 366 days–365 minus today. I want to take a bit of time and encourage you to take a deep breath, exhale and say a word of gratitude. Don’t spend hours focused on all the changes you want to see happen this year. Don’t lose hope looking at a planner with all your new goals and think you are already failing because you haven’t even started working on any of them. Friend, it is okay! You are going to be just fine. It doesn’t matter if you make all your goals or if you just start one of them. What matters is are you walking in peace and joy? Are you allowing Jesus to lead your journey? Whose vision are you seeking? These are the questions that will lead you to walk in the peace and joy of God. The important actions are prayer, praise, and loving others. Sharing the love of God brings you a joy that will overcome the worry of any planner. There is no way to plan for making someone know they are loved. You have no idea where to fit in paying for someone’s coffee just to see them smile and know that you care. These are the unplanned things that happen when you least expect it; consequently, these are also the unplanned things that will take you farther than goals in a fancy planner. Don’t get me wrong about planners and goals. I have a goal planner and weekly planner. I chose to use these this year to help keep me focused on the things that I need to do more around the house. I want to have a more kingdom minded life and in order to have that, I need to stay focused on things that lead me to spiritual growth. Friend, I encourage you to seek the vision God has for you. I want to also wish you a most wonderful new year!! He knows the plans He has for you and they are far more rewarding than those that we could ever expect (Jeremiah 29.11)

©2020 by Cyndi Kay

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