The Apple Cart

So, as I sit here and think about all the possibilities for this blog or writing corner, I realize that sometimes there are no right or wrong directions, but simply a direction. Choosing a direction takes us from one point to another. Whether it is written directions or physical (moving) directions, when they are followed, you end up in a different place that where you were originally. It is with that thought that I commit to go forward with this and just write and share. The most important aspect is, this will go whatever direction God deems necessary. It will be His leading that will guide this small space in the huge vastness of the internet in hopes of reaching those who are in need of hope, joy, comfort, friendship, someone to chat with, love, and laughter. He already has the plan and no matter how I think it should look, it will be what God inspires it to be.

I have been writing within various genres since the mid-90s and they are all neatly arranged in binders. There are songs, poems, devotionals and short stories. Each of them inspired by God. It is my dream that all of these writings will come together and form a work of inspiration in the pursuit of the destiny that God has placed before me.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

You see, in the midst of gathering the writings, organizing folders and notebooks for a new project, and setting up this writing corner, I also have the responsibility of going to work. Lately, it seems as though something is off kilter and there are times, I find myself searching for a way to keep the apples in the cart and keep the cart moving. But alas, there are bumps in the road and those bumps will jostle the apple cart. The thing is, those bumps are not there by accident, they are usually there because God is going to clear out the rotten apples whether it is by using a bump in the road or by leading us to remove them from the cart. Since I cannot even begin to know what all of this is supposed to look like tomorrow I can only press on and pray. And oh, how I have prayed. Just this morning I had a Holy Spirit meeting in the car on the way to work. So thankful that it does not matter where you pray or seek God.

The washing of the Peace of God is one of the most wonderful feelings that you can experience when you feel like your discombobulated and the cart has been overturned. This peace not only comforts you, but it will remind you ever so gently that God is in control and He will go before you and prepare the way. This brought me so much relief that I realized that all of the fretting over the apples and the cart is used by the adversary to steal the joy and distract you (in this case me) from the destiny that God has already set in motion. We sometimes get focused on the apples falling from the cart or the cart bouncing too high that we forget, God may be wanting to remove the apples for a reason only He knows.

With this glorious peace I faced the day one breath at a time and I remained thankful for all that has been and will be done. I stopped worrying about what I cannot do at this time and I began to understand that I need to be a steward of my time and talent and use them the best I can now; the rest will fall into place. However, that does not mean that I will become content. No way!! I will still pray and seek more. I will pray and seek answers to help me change what needs changing. But more importantly, I will praise God with all my heart and soul.

Just remember, when you feel like all the good apples are being bounced out of the cart, God may be bouncing them out for someone who needs that nourishment. 🙂

Happy Day to You and please feel free send me a line or two!!


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