Goals!!! Who Knew?

So last year I decided I would try making goals for the year and sticking to them. I started using a goal planner and so far it has helped keep me focused and on track. Except for one area. I had chosen one of my goals to be learning something new. This is great and it is something I think we should all do throughout the year. However, if you are like me, you end up choosing one thing and find yourself focused on another. As with me, I chose photography. I love to take photos when we are out for a ride or on one of our adventures in new places. So naturally I thought it would work into my schedule wonderfully! But my need to design a website for freelance writing overwhelmed me and I ended up looking at how to learn graphic design. Nothing fancy, just something basic that will help me design a user friendly website that is not overloaded with images and color.

Now that I have, for the most part designed my new site, I find myself wondering if there could be better images to use? I am sure the graphic designers in my life will tell me "Of course there are always better images." And while I am at this point, all of you graphic designers that are reading this and wondering what was going through my head as I added images and vectors (whatever those are), please understand that my OCD mind cannot have designs all willy-nilly on the pages. It just messes with my eyes and my need to have nice and neat appearances. :)

Overall, after all the squinty eye nights of struggling to understand now to link privacy policies to text in the footer, I feel that I have accomplished a good foundation (more like pebble) in the realm of graphic design. Like I say, "you gotta start somewhere."

I have learned these few thing

  • Just when you think you like the color scheme, in the next click mistake you will find a whole new scheme to make you sound like you have just witness the most spectacular jump on a balance beam.

  • Adding images is fairly simple, just don't try to mix an image with a vector. I am still unsure that a vector is not some secret link from area 51, but nonetheless, I have discovered that there is a difference.

  • Privacy policies, terms of use and code of conduct pages are a necessity in this day and age. No matter what your website is, you need to be sure that you have a policy of some type stating that you are not responsible for those people who have been sitting at home trying to find a way to get free money. I mean I enjoy getting to know people and if there is a way I can connect with you on my website, then I am all for adding that area. BUT, I cannot be responsible for those who are not there for the same reasons. That being said - I WILL REMOVE AND REPORT ANYONE WHO IS DISPLAYING ANY TYPE OF AGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR IN MY FORUMS OR CHAT. (sorry, I had to speak loudly for those in the back.)

  • and lastly, I learned that it is not about what others want it to look like, it is about my taste and preferences. Don't let others influence what you want your site to look like. You get to choose the colors and images. You get to decide on the theme and the title. After all, for once, it is all about you and who you are wanting to connect with.

Create it with a mindset of fun and encouragement. Don't let yourself dread making anything creative. This advice isn't just for websites, it's for anything that you want to learn to create or do. Just be you and let go of the thoughts of what others may think. They are gonna think what they will anyway so why not add some color to their thoughts. At least it would be brighter for them!!

Until next time.. Blessings and Love

~Cyndi Kay


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