Getting There: Learning to Work from Home

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A few months ago, I volunteered for the furlough program at work when the covid-19 situation was just hitting pandemic level. I though it would be best for me to become a homebody for a few months until it was sorted out. This gave me the perfect opportunity to begin to develop my gift of writing. See, I have known for quite some time (15+ years) that I should be writing. God gave me the beautiful gift of words and they should not be cluttering my “writing box” in the closet. Since I was going to have all of this downtime, I figured I may as well try to get a better portfolio. I wanted one that didn’t consist of hard copies in a file folder tucked away in the closet. I wanted one that God could use to share hope, faith, and love. Oh, how I was not thinking big enough.

I had joined a few writing groups on Facebook in hopes of getting some ideas of where to submit content. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to find a way to network. This is not just for writing; it will work for any type of freelance or personal business. Meeting people with your same interests will not only help your business, but it will boost the confidence you have in yourself as a beginning business owner. You will also be surprised how much promotion you can get on Instagram and Twitter. I never really thought of social media as a business platform for my writing and website, but they are very beneficial.

In one of these Facebook groups, I met Stephanie, an editor for Christian Women Living Magazine, and we started a relationship as a writer and editor. Over the last 4 months, we have grown not only in that relationship, but also as friends. She has also become a wonderful mentor. We both agree that our meeting and the magazine is totally a God thing. There is no way it would be by chance that we meet, connect and grow a magazine like we have. That is just one area in which I am learning to work from home.

Not only am I writing for the magazine, but I have also met a wonderful lady, Laura, who has given me opportunities to write blogs that link to books from her publishing company. So far I have written 3 blog posts for Capture Me Books at I have truly learned some wonderful tips for better blogging from Laura. I just hope I can continue to utilize them.

A few months later, here I am, working on a small home business and developing a freelance writer/blogger career. Not that this is easy by any means, but it sure is rewarding. I have had more interest in my writing, journals, and my make-up business since I have been home than I ever did as a “wishful closet writer”. During my research for freelance work and blogging, I happened across a new type of freelance work, affiliate marketing. Another addition was added to the new lifestyle of working from home.

The idea behind being an affiliate is appealing for many reasons. Not only do you earn a bit of income, (let's face it, we all could use extra), but you can also obtain coupons and samples to review. Needless to say, it did not take me long to sign up. This area is a bit technical but I think it is worth a try at making a side income by providing links for companies that carry items I am either interested in or personally use. I thought I would give it a try before I write about whether or not it is a lucrative business. For me, lucrative would be a business that will bring in a decent amount of income so that it pays for my time to use and review the products. Of course, it would also have to pay for the product itself. It’s hard to know where to start, but I am sure you will see the “unboxing” videos when I get a new product.

If you are interested in any products, please feel free to use the links to shop or see if I have ordered the product. That way I can get you a review and recommendation. 😊

I must be signing off for today!!

Thanks for being a part of The Journey and supporting me in this new adventure!!

Till next time… Blessings and Love.


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