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So, what a wild month is has been! I am not even sure where to start this blog, but I know there is a lot that has changed. God is such a gracious and good God. He will always follow thorugh with His promises if we only trust Him and walk in faith.

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to make a journal to write out my journey as well as use it for notetaking at church. Little did I truly know that it would become what it is today! I am in awe at how quickly God can make all things new!!

After I made my first journal, my Journey Journal, I thought about making them as a side hustle. Just something to bring in some extra income by making something that I enjoyed creating. Needless to say, that did not go as planned. I sold a few, but nothing that would amount to a significant profit. So I just put the Journey Shoppe in the corner and focused on my freelance writing. This continued until covid hit the world and things changed.

While I was on furlough from work, God began working in the area of my writing and doors began to open. After much prayer and standing still, my hubby and I decided that we would step out on faith and I would quit my job to stay home and pursue a freelance writing career. We knew that somehow, God would replace the income.

Here we are 44 days later scrambling to get the Journey Shoppe open and organized. There is something about the number 40. You see, 40 days after I quit, it has become evident that God is proving the provision! Now I am setting up online stores and shopping and trying to get orders done in a timely manner so that God can do what He is gonna do with it all! On top of all things Journey Shoppe, I am still writing full time for Christian Women Living Magazine so needless to say, I have not grown bored by making the decision to stay home.

My living room looks like an 8 foot X 8 foot sweat shop and I make tea stained paper on the kitchen table, but it is truly what a promise looks like when you trust God. I haven't even had time to read a good book; which is one thing I thought I would have time to do once I was home all the time. I have learned many tips and tricks to move things along in a timely manner and the most important one is that the days I miss quiet time in the morning are the days that something will be amiss.

When I step back and look at my work space in the living room, I can't help but cry and praise God! I am truly a blessed woman!

With all of that being said.... Welcome to the Journey Shoppe! Pick a journal, choose a design and let me make your Journey Journal something you can cherish as you journey with Christ!

I want to end this by thanking everyone who has ordered or shared or liked anything related to the journals!! You have been a hand in what God is doing!

Until next time, love and blessings!!

~Cyndi Kay


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